Vol. II Paradise

from >°​)​)​)​)​彡 by ChXnSxCh

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a nocturnal doctor
for sleep walkers
plays the films of an auteur
by a surrealist author

"a continuous arrival"
"a litmus tenebrous!"
"beautiful and manic..."
"a fragmentary must!"

the story centers on janus
in a test of understanding
the empathy of animals
a goth wears the choker of a dog

when you wake up you may feel
a common sensation
of anxiety and pain

but please know
its a phantom side effect
of deep dreaming
and it will go away

we had to erase your memory
to put you in the blanket
but we have saved it
and will re-upload it
when you awake

baby its not shameless
to know you got the goods
youve been feeling somewhat nameless
and well misunderstood

you could always blame yourself
but now is not the time
here’s where you turn up
(the volume to paradise)

in a house
of the sugar king
a pipers maggot sings

eating through the silence
of idyl reckoning
how could I get off you wonder
how could I prevail?
for taste isn’t in the apple
or on the tongues trail

when we’re fast asleep
what is that we see?
slowly waking up
lighting up our dreams

thanks: A. Bey
im not scared
in dreams
comes nightmares
that’s only fair

we have nowhere
else to be but right here
making our own meaning

im a spider
hanging by the fibers
of them cybernetic wires
playing major minors
in a pattern
like reminders
like a dream
im timeless
like a nightmare
im harmless

crawling in your mouth
when you sleep

just to feel you breathe
are tiny eternities
speaking in memory

anthracite remedies
of mediated electricity

the shock of the now
everything you touch
will make you buzz
and just wait until you
try what they call
making love


from >°​)​)​)​)​彡, released January 31, 2020



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