"The Proof"

from >°​)​)​)​)​彡 by ChXnSxCh

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wrapped in comfort
bathed in blankets
smells of fresh eucalyptus waves
wind through a gap
on the sill
winter rushes in
to the themes of
a glowing tv screen

the cat licks the stubble
on my chain
between a night cap
and your alarm set

in the days of our nights past

the kids wake up
watching doublegum jumble
already got mustaches
from fructose bubbles
already got master plans
on their plates today

oh ok
ask your mom when she wakes

let me get the coffee going
my bodies on automatic
until the cat gets dramatic
another step would have been panic
now she’s really letting me have it

back to bed
I kiss your head
I don’t understand
how you’re so good at it
cuz when I fuck up
its fucked up

~no one will ever
recognize my brilliance
im just a vincent van goth
screaming into a void
I don’t want a job~

you so good with it
gentle kind and compassionate
sight reading music
majored in statistics
you’re the one who’s brilliant
your patience lets me finish
cheesy and frivolous
vulnerably genuine

ima bake a cake
bake another
make it (2)
with both
cakes baking
bake another few
we can have our
cake and eat it
we won’t have to chose
so many cakes baking
I call this one "The Proof"
(its angels food)
kid tested and
mothers approve(d)


to share with u
all the thoughtful things
that seem mundane
but mean the most

like picking up
piles of clothes
or surprise
ice cream cones

to get through with u
all the painful snags
in understanding our ways
u can’t plan for
a schedule change
or the rules not to break
and I can’t expect
anyone to
my c R a z Y~

let's combine our strengths
to make our space

[for nothing goes away
it only changes shape
past in the nights of our days
we are forever changed]

we are a shape
that’s never been
made before
changing space
past the nights of our days
to our days in the nights of our past
past forever


from >°​)​)​)​)​彡, released January 31, 2020



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