gangama moz - Live From Time's Playground : All Along The Dancefloor [2019]

from There’s a 24​-​Hour Orgy Happening Beneath the Surface of Ordinary Reality and No One Wants to Talk About It. by THEJJC.ORG

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Gangama Moz’s All Along The Dancefloor mix furthers my baroque conceptual B.S. path into world building and artifact simulating from a fictional event and performance: Live From Time’s Playground! There’s nothing real about this but my realness about it.

This mix is unique in that its all built out of royalty free samples included with the digital audio software used to assemble the mix. (That whole notion its not the crayons but what you do with em etc etc…)

I have to thank Duncan Cooper however who I couldn’t thank enough (as always) for providing me with the software key to keep making music. I wouldn’t be able to make any music or art period if it wasn’t for people like Duncan because I literally can’t afford it.

Its really sad to think that what I do in two hours most people can’t do with two million dollars

The more strict (greedy) technology / software gets with its usage and exclusivity the more people like me are priced out unable to keep up. And it could mean a lot of things i’m aware and I know there’s bigger bones to pick but part of it is that culture has always been a pay to play game to some extent but it absolutely doesn’t have to be.

You get glimpses of it when people are charitable… I’ve always felt that software companies are incredibly off base with how they distribute their product because there is no limit to their digital supply.

ALL ALONG THE DANCEFLOOR explores the attitude and meaning of Royalty Free!!! This is the attitude here and although it may come off with a cheesy /or dare I say chintzy (see art above) vibe I think we can ultimately empower those attitudes into some type of new artistry no mastery attitudes towards class open the gates a little.

That said this mix (and all my music) is ripe for interpretation / remix / sampling / any usage / etc etc and with this being an original composition built out of royalty free samples this is READY FOR YOU assembled for anyone to add their own vocals and ideas to.

Maybe a theme to explore vocally is about a Royalty Free Society?

Anyway all these mixes along with all my music are available royalty free with an option for donation so I can continue to live and make art.



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