no one owns anything in this entire world

by gesis.exe

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danny mac behind the back with a couple zingers playing cello to a gallery of non descript jello fingers people stood around with smiles bigger than themselves if it weren’t for free drinks they’d be somewhere else the pictures on the wall were nothing but interior decoration graphic design illustration forgetting art meant innovation tar the institute not the ones suffering within so many different people want to feel wanted again on scales of fuckability people acting out its not what’s in your head its what your head’s inside that counts for sex in the city over entourage while leo dicaprio is masturbating in headphones mgmt is playing who cares who taylor swifts dating no time to pretend often times men get the cred believe me i know this sounds hypocritical not that I’ve done it to mgmt but taylor swift makes better songs than me and ive dated just as many people in my pursuit of such american dreams saying I believe in miracles as you pack your stuff to leave Tavi said “I think I am a writer and an actor and artist but I haven’t believed the purity of own intentions ever since I became my own salesperson too” Jia Tolentino chimed / instead of reproductive rights equal pay higher wage family leave subsidized childcare we got the self congratulatory empowerment that corporations can get behind the kind that comes with merchandise and endless conferences a bottomless cornucopia of privatized non solutions face serums infrared saunas wellness reminders and gweyneth paltrow putting stones in her vagina / its hard to see humanity as the sole hero of history when your dog barks at threats and your cat tunes that hungry heart in your chest this land isn’t my land this land isn’t yours no one owns anything in the entire world this land isn’t my land this land isn’t yours no one owns anything in this entire world the rock to this beat is the earth that holds me thinking about baudrillard sushi burrito under bankers lamps in a shopping court arena paid for by a loan three times the value now ya go bankrupt to refill their safe up hide the trail under manicured nails nothing pales to corruptions veil 2stepping sideways on fraudulent highways make the money making money don’t touch the money makers money that’s money makers money that’s money makers money that’s money making money that’s money making money its not that I don’t mind having luxuries sometime but I don’t make a dime compared to what you have in line ill never see those numbers in my life turn your $10 juice into my five finger jive the clock thinks it midnight but time always lies how am I surprised there isn’t a thing inside that wasn’t made of mind just like yours and mine tho when I meet your eyes life’s paradox is justified for you to exist makes the bad shit worth it to have lived is to never forget even if you can’t remember yourself someone else can I love the way I feel when you love the way you feel I love the way I feel when you love the way you feel I love the way I feel when you love the way you feel I love the way I feel when you love the way you feel what a true funny strange thing to be alive in the now you remember it like yesterday but what is that? I dreamed it actually what happened yesterday because things do actually happen but no one knows history is lost to the empty river with a mirror for a bed and handcuffed to a post a hooker or really a cop disguised as a hooker? and if you notice the billboard off in the distance it says in a bold modernist font to B U Y H A P P Y what does that even mean when scarcity is an overweight bald white fat faced lie see: god damnit! if you don’t believe me take a deep breathe and never stop all that is in your lungs is yours so even when the now has no concept of the irrational sun language means nothing in the darkness of irony there’s no shadow only darkness so with your sweet heart there’s no placebo to passion and to passion on platitude for the rock the rock is this shaped like a flame but upside down a heart bright enough for efforts and light enough to reveal difference the river in your veins runs with life in the reflection of nature’s prism so can you run with me in place to outrun illusions of time and space tho we are floating here forever we can still have fun together language is so futile sometimes I have to make myself smile )(%*)_#JP:FK…VDS:…MKJJ: JFID&….(FPSm ƒ∆…å…媺¢•∞ªº456….54154 NONSENSATIONS NONSENSATIONS language is so futile sometimes I have to make myself smile å∆…∆π…ªº¢™•––¡–º––£– ∆˚†˚˚..øøππ“..ß“å“˚å˚∆˙å……. AWE YEEEEHAW YOURE IN THE MIX WITH GESIS.EXE AKA THE EXEGESIS LIVE FROM TIME’S PLAYGROUND THE PHENOMENONICON!!!! UNTIL THE BR8X 0 DAWN SIDE FX MAY INCLUDE: DANCE MANIA EUPHORIC ALLEGORIC HYPER FOLKLORIC NATURE ABHORIX NOW IN H.D. ARE YOU READY GAMER? HERE WE GO!!!!! there’s something so dark and twisted how insurance wants us to laugh with entertainment budgets that cost more than all of my family has RESEARCH SHOWS THAT HUMOUR IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH AN AUDIENCE OR AN EMOTIONAL STORY SOMETHING THAT CONNECTS WITH FAMILY THEN WE CAN REALLY SELL EM you fucking crooks give me back my thirty seconds so I can take it and do something you could never do IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD IM GONNA SKIP THE AD the stream breaks the damn Skip to my loops your biz is through im going to skip the ad the stream breaks the damn instead of commercials we now have all of existence [gesis.exe]


[gesis.exe] mix cd found in the CDJ @ Time's Playground released as part of the ChXnSxCh archive presented by THEJJC.ORG

THEJJC.ORG Presents: ChXnSxCh Archives

This previously unreleased catalog of music archive material is presented here as a rare enigmatic glimpse into the life and times from the "vandaliszt in the valley" ChXnSxCh. I first met SxCh outside The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. Adorning a “Baroque-Ass” bucket hat and petting a fish peculiarly named “Groove-O ” sxch was hard to miss sitting on a granny squared blanket on the ground with free-hand drawings and art pieces scattered around. Sxch kindly encouraged me to “have as many as you’d like.” I offered to buy a couple but as was advised “money is flat / it may only pass / in Groove-O lingers / all of that which asks / for feelings’ fingers.” Ok! At that time I declined to hold the fish... but over time ChXnSxcH and I became friends and I grew to know more about this straynge fishy dewds life. Filled with confrontation, misunderstanding, delusion, ecstasy, and brilliance I wanted to help release this archive material to give people a look into someone who would otherwise not exist on the internet... SxCh and Groove-O have agreed to let THEJJC.ORG release this extensive collection into the wild (under the conditions only (1) physical copy may exist and [2] that it be made available digitally for people to pay what they want if they can.)

Included in the ChXnSxCh collection [unchecked forthcoming]

JJC001–––––––ChXnSxCh – >°))))彡 [Album] ✅

JJC002––––––––“Vandaliszt in the Valley” [Photos + SxChpad]

JJC003––––––––B.Blande’s Sea of Flower [Demo Tape]

JJC004–––––––PHENOMENONICON’22 [Live CD]

JJC005––––––––Gesis.exe mix found underneath the CD above. ✅

JJC006––––––––H.D. Gamer’s Place of Hoard [Handbook]

JJC007––––––––H.D. Gamer’s (Cryers.Ambient); [USB]

For updates please follow THEJJC.ORG on instagram @thejoshuajamesclancyorganization



released February 12, 2020



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